Our certified electricians  are capable of complete and complex installation of power generators and electrical distribution equipment, shore power and converters. Complete electrical surveys that determine needed repairs, modifications, rewiring or upgrades are one of the many services we provide.


We offer a full range of services from field fabrication and installation of pipe. Our welders are certified and experienced with erection and repair of pressure vessels to critical path scheduling and execution of major turnarounds. Our welders are more than competent... they're committed to getting the job done right in the most efficient way possible.


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804-H Industrial Avenue, Chesapeake, VA, United States


No matter how large or urgent your need, our aim is to repair your valves to the highest possible standards and in the shortest possible time thereby minimizing your downtime and costs. Our technicians are outfitted with all tools and testing equipment required to quickly and effectively repair a large range of ball, plug and safety valves.


When you choose Marine Mechanical & Technology, you can be assured that any job will be done right the first time.  With our many years of experience in and throughout the hydraulic fields, we recognize the importance of clean hydraulic systems.  The right oil particle count along with adequate oil viscosity will drastically determine the life and durability of your system’s performance.